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Introducing the Bracelet & Book Bundle:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting collaboration between Kathy Little, a maestro in handcrafted jewelry, and Julie Riga, a seasoned expert in leadership and personal development. Our exclusive Bracelet & Book Bundle is a celebration of artistry and wisdom, curated to inspire and adorn.


The Bracelet:

Indulge in Kathy's exquisite handcrafted bracelets, each piece a manifestation of creativity, passion, and attention to detail. The bracelet serves as a tangible reminder to Stay on Course ~ embrace your journey and believe in the extraordinary.


The Book: "Stay on Course" by Julie Riga:

Embark on a journey of resilience, leadership, and inspiration with Julie's insightful book. Rooted in the legacy of Ennio Riga, a world-renowned chef and leader, the book weaves together a tale of overcoming challenges, pursuing passions, and leaving a lasting legacy.



Bracelet Details:

the perfect accessory for anyone who needs a reminder to stay focused and motivated, with the message "STAY ON COURSE'. Made of sterling silver, this cuff is sturdy and stylish.  Choose men's size or women's.   

Sterling Silver Cuff in 16 ga., 1/4" width. 

6.5" length for women

7" length for men


The bracelet and book is ready for "gifting" & will be shipped to you in 1-2 days.


Thank you for shopping my small businesss !

  • This work of art  can be cleaned with the polishing pad I include with all purchases or with silver dip or polish on the silver only.  Please do not use anything but the polishing pad on gemstones as other cleaners may damage your gemstone.

    We do not recommend wearing your jewelry in the pool, ocean, or shower as that can be harmful to your jewelry.

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