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Labradorite Ring set in Sterling Silver

Labradorite Ring set in Sterling Silver

SKU: 23-R314


This stunning ring showcases a captivating labradorite gemstone at its core, is a deep sparkling blue with sparks of neon. The exquisite labradorite is carefully selected for its clarity and unique color, making each piece truly special.   It is a size 6 in sterling silver.  It makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one, celebrating their uniqueness.


Celebrate your journey with Labradorite - experience the mystical energy , protection & self-awareness it offers. Shop my collection of Labradorite Jewelry ~ your destiny awaits.  Each piece of jewelry has been handcrafted by Kathy in her home studio in Bergen County, NJ, with a meticulous handcrafting process that goes into each piece, showcasing the artisanal quality of my jewelry.


By adorning yourself with jewelry that holds personal significance, you create a heartfelt connection to the present moment, allowing a serene current of positivity to flow and gently guiding your attention back to what truly matters to you.


This Labradorite Ring set in Sterling Silverring has been handcrafted with attention to detail in my home studio in Ramsey, NJ and is ready to ship in 1-2 days out for holiday gifting in a craft box with silver ribbon, all ready to gift.


Thank you for choosing to browse & explore my website !  Your visit is greatly appreciated!

  • This whimsical ring can be cleaned with the polishing pad I include with all purchases or with silver dip or polish on the silver only.  Please do not use anything but the polishing pad on gemstones as other cleaners may damage your gemstone.

    We do not recommend wearing your jewelry in the pool, ocean, or shower as that can be harmful to your jewelry.

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