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I am very excited & proud to share that I am collaborating on a project with Julie Riga who I met at the MomLink Club.... oh yes, the power of networking. We met in a zoom breakout room a few weeks ago & connected immediatley! Julie Riga is a seasoned expert in leadership and personal development who has authored the book "Stay on Course".

Let me give you the details.....

The Bracelet & Book Bundle: an enchanting collaboration with an exquisite handcrafted bracelet that will serve as a tangible reminder to Stay on Course - embrace your journey & believe in the extraordinary!  

The Book “Stay on Course” by Julie Riga will take you on a journey of resilience, leadership & inspiration.  Rooted in the legacy of Ennio Riga, a world renowned chef & leader, the book weaves a tale of overcoming challenges, pursuing passions and leaving a lasting legacy.

We completed this special package in short order, in time for holiday gifting by designing & creating a bracelet that complements the book to serve as a physical reminder to Stay on Course. It is now available for purchase on my website !

Our Special Holiday and Black Friday|Cyber Monday Offer:

This holiday season, gift yourself or a loved one the Kathy Little | Julie Riga Bracelet & Book Bundle. Priced at $150, exclusively for Black Friday|Cyber Monday weekend, enjoy a 30% discount, bringing the total to just $105. It's more than a purchase; it's a celebration of creativity, resilience, and the joy of the season.

As you wear this silver bracelet, savor the rich ingredients of your life's journey—a flavorful reminder to Stay on Course. Just like crafting a delectable dish, your path may have unexpected flavors and challenges.  When life serves up its complexities, glance at this bracelet and be reminded that, just like a resilient chef, you too can rise after a stumble.  Take a moment to breathe, appreciate the unique mix of your experiences, and find the strength to get back up.  Embrace the extraordinary within you and let this bracelet be your secret ingredient for success, a daily recipe for resilience and joy.

Happy Holiday Season !

~ Kathy

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